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BettingLadies.com launches as first all-female sports betting affiliate site

Updated:2024-03-21 13:43    Views:119

BetttingLadies.com has launched its website, which provides sports betting news, odds, statistics and information from a team of women writers.

Val C. Martinez, CEO and Founder of BettingLadies.com, wanted to create a space where women could bet on markets such as the NBA, NHL and MLB through a community of other like-minded women.

Martinez said: “The genesis of BettingLadies.com is about making sports betting more accessible for women.

“I looked for content to help educate myself as a bettor, but found the majority of resources were clearly created to be consumed by a male audience.

“Multiple studies have found that nearly a third of the betting market is women, however the opportunities for female-centric content have been limited.”

As well as information on odds, teams, matchups and standings, BettingLadies.com also provides daily betting insights through Lady Locks,Online Casino Games for Real Money betting guides, tarot reading and the chance to sign up to the BettingLadies.com Community.

Martinez continued: “While there are women content creators in the market, I strategically saw whitespace and wanted to create a new space where bettors could consume content from like-minded female sports fans, as well as build a platform where female creators can find a voice in the emerging sports betting market.”

“Beyond the launch, our goal is to evolve BettingLadies.com to be synonymous with the betting experience for women.

“We’ll soon begin creating in-person regional betting events based on the growth of our community.”

The first sports personality announced in collaboration with the site is Danielle Kamela, a professional wrestler and sports broadcaster.

Kamela said: “What drew me to working with BettingLadies.com was Val’s vision to create an approachable, judgement free and inclusive community, built on educating and supporting the growth of women bettors across the country.

“As a fan and bettor of all sports, Lady Locks provides me the opportunity to be flexible in the content I create, moving seamlessly from NBA to MLB games and NFL games in the fall. I’m excited about the future of this site and giving a voice to women bettors.”